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[January 28 2014] : art

Lucid TV: Hapax Legomenon starring Marisa Berenson

Lucid TV: Hapax Legomenon starring Marisa Berenson by Katerina Jebb

Hapax Legomenon is the second fictional perfume campaign by Katerina Jebb, starring the legendary Visconti actress Marisa Berenson. Ideologically incoherent, even the film’s title pushes the work further into oblivion – a hapax legomenon meaning a word that occurs only once within a context, either in the written record of an entire language, in the works of an author, or in a single text. Jebb plays with random phrases like “plutonium economy” that touch upon larger issues, in the improbable setting of the Hotel George V’s Presidential Suite in Paris, France. Berenson proclaims “This is not an ad campaign, it’s a thought experiment” and utters Hapax Legomenon only once, ensuring the film remains an absurd, self-fulfilling prophecy.

Starring Marisa Berenson

Filmed in the Presidential Suite of the George V Hotel, Paris

Editing by Benjamin Ricart at Premiere Heure Paris

Assistants Franck Mura and Jonathan Fischnaller

Make-Up by Anouck Sullivan

Hair by Gerald Porcher

Wardrobe by Catherine Baba

Special thanks to Jeff Leatham at the Hotel George V, Paris

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