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[February 5 2014] : art

Lucid TV: You Can Find Beautiful Things Without Consciousness II / Comme des Garcons

Lucid TV: You Can Find Beautiful Things Without Consciousness II / Comme des Garcons by Katerina Jebb

We Can Find Beautiful Things Without Consciousness materializes from Katerina Jebb’s video series, Simulacrum and Hyperbole. In this work,Jebb sees the boundaries between actuality and satire confused and disrupted. The artist grasps the medium of television advertising and feeds it back in to itself within the context of reality. This is heightened in the case of We Can Find Beautiful Things Without Consciousness, for what is presented is an actual perfume created by Comme des Garcons. The result is an indicative exploitation of the crisis of identity, awareness, and authenticity that surrounds the complex psychological interplay underpinning commercial advertising. Often in Jebb’s work, the realisation of numerous incongruities creates a tension within the line of humour. The work is a declaration of brutal juxtapositions:a building being torn down to the sound of a melancholic solo piano and just as we imagine there is no hope, a rainbow suddenly appears as Shirley Temple starts to sing “you have to S-M-I- L- E to be H- A- P- P- Y.” A realm of disarray, a perfume ad without a perfume bottle, what manifests is a emotion touched upon by the random and beautiful chaos of finding beautiful things without consciousness.

Comme des Garcons Parfums

Edited by Benjamin Ricart at Premiere Heure, Paris

Voice Over by Louis-Valentin Pinoteau Jebb

Piano by Madeleine Malraux

You’ve Got to S-m-i-l-e to be H-a-p-p-y by Shirley Temple

Assited by Jonathan Fischnaller and Jade Quintin

Filmed on location at the Demolition of Necker Hospitalt Paris

Special thanks to Karine Rossignol, The Imagine Institute Paris, Adrian Joffe and Rei Kawakubo

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