Purple Radio 2070

[May 14 2022]

DJ Hell for Purple Future Radiooooo

To foresee fifty years into the future, you need to look back at what was happening fifty years ago. In Acapulco, in a nightclub called Tequila A Go-Go, the Mexican DJ Augustín Martínez was already beat-matching and editing traxx, setting up the future with specialized DJ equipment. I began my DJ career in the late ‘70s. With two turntables, a mixer, and special sound systems we would make people dance. Dance music became the greatest art form of the 20th century, and Black dance music was the sound of the future. Nightclubs and dance floors were not simply trends, they were cultural phenomena, politically and sociologically relevant. 

No other art form has the potential to describe the chaos we are living in right now. Fifty years from now, around 2070, music will sound dystopian. People will live on raised platforms over the water or in camps built deep inside mountains all around the world. Some will live in their private space stations. Climate change will have damaged planet Earth and music won’t be as important anymore. In the near future, software will allow people to analyze and deconstruct any song. Anybody will be able to make their own sound, their own version of any song or symphony ever written. This will be the last dance.

I want my future back.

Click here to listen to the music of the future.

Track by DJ Hell featuring Barry White

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