Purple Radio 2070

[July 28 2022]

Morgan O’Kane for Purple Future Radiooooo

Music in 2070 will be sure to do what it does best,  bring people through unprecedented times of sorrow and joy and burn into the hearts of those alive what it meant to be in that time. If we continue on this path of reckless waste and destruction then we will need it more than ever, to help guide us through the unimaginable emotions of the coming extinction. Unable to be outside, a place where the only animals left are us and the ones feeding off of us.
In Kingdom of Rats I wanted to express the anger and desperation of what that might feel like and try to grasp, with little words, why it happened.

I recorded everything in subway tunnels or through the back of my banjo, to create a feeling of being underground or trapped.

Click here to listen to the music of the future.

Track by Morgan O'Kane

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