Purple Radio 2070

[May 20 2022]

Chassol for Purple Future Radiooooo

I was born in 1976 and for 45 years, my relationship with music has been built through teaching, through practice, through family (musician father), desires, obsessions, passions, encounters, friendships, environments but also through something ineffable… from the realm of mystery…

Another phenomenon, a lot more trivial in appearance, but containing its own share of metaphysicality has also guided my relationship to music: Technology.

Technological advances combining the democratisation of tools and scientific prowess allowed me to discover « field recording » and thus shattering my perception of the boundary between music and non-music.
I began to consider all sounds and noises as music and strengthen my connection with my environment… with Nature.
So to answer the question of how I imagine « Music » in 2070, I would say that I hope that environmental issues, economic and cultural politics, the arts, technology and that human and non-human psyche all converge towards a world where music can be:  accessible to everyone, wireless, telepathic and telepathic.
And above all: completely connected to Nature.

Thus, the piece I envisioned for this project:

«ULTRABIRDZ # 1» consists of the recording of a chaffinch, capturing the precise melody of his song, recording and synchronising its melody on the piano, taking arrangement choices (chords, orchestration, length) and decelerating this file through a software. I imagine that this whole process could be done by even more fluid means in the future:

For example, during a walk through the woods, I stumble upon this chaffinch and our entire patient encounter would be mentally absorbed so that his song and my process would go through an organic, free, communal and mentally accessible software that would carry out the overlaying, synchronisation, instrument choices and lay the basis for a musical dialogue that I transmit to others through telepathy.

We do not seem to be heading in that direction yet, but who knows… ?


Click here to listen to the music of the future.

Track by Chassol

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