Purple Radio 2070

[July 28 2022]

Dina Summer for Purple Future Radiooooo

Music has always been changing and evolving, but is also being constantly recycled – just like fashion. We don’t think that music in 2070 will be much different than today’s music, but for sure every day life will be very much different and therefore the topics of the lyrics as well. 

Household Robots will be a reality by then, they will substitute other machines, but also humans and – why not – even pets. ‚RoboDog’ is about a robot dog that basically takes care of everything, from rubbing the narrator’s back, to cleaning her flat, cooking, doing her hair, keeping her company, telling jokes, even forcing her to get out of the flat and do some exercise. It is inevitable that these robots will evoke feelings in their owners. Relationships between robots and humans will be common and many humans will rather go for a relationship with a robot, that can be 100% controlled by them, that takes care of them in all possible ways and whose behaviour is stable and predictable; it won’t leave them, won’t hurt them, won’t pass away etc. 

Also we believe that more and more humans will be gender fluid by 2070 and take what fits into their personalities out of the traditional genders, so also all robots will be „they“ as well. 

Turn up the volume and let the story of a girl and Pluto, her RoboDog, get you boogying right into the stratosphere.

Click here to listen to the music of the future.

Track by Dina Summer

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