Purple Radio 2070

[April 14 2022]

Nicolas Godin for purple future radiooooo

​​I have no idea what music in the future will sound like but I know one thing for sure: it will be created by Artificial Intelligence. As we speak, we already know that 70% of the music that is streamed is music from the past, and that number will increase every year.
I picture myself in the year 2070 giving the following instructions to an AI: “Nicolas Godin – Air – Amour Imagination Rêve – digital sound design – a freezbee that never lands – grosse plannerie – moon safari – sunset – melancholy – virgin suicides – France in the Seventies – breeze in the hair – etc, etc…”
Using a computer and these key words, I recorded this track as if I was an AI myself.
Have a nice trip.”

Click here to listen to the music of the future.

Music by Nicolas Godin

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