Purple Radio 2070

[June 1 2022]

Gaspar Claus for Purple Future Radiooooo

No one can say today what music will be like fifty years from now. I would like to imagine that there will no longer be boundaries between the senses, and that we will have the means to listen to light, scent, and taste, even to time and space. Music will become a way of reading the world, and musicians will be the creators of a new alphabet, of grids for reading reality. Perhaps we will no longer use our ears to hear music, but, through new organs, will have access to frequencies below and beyond the currently audible spectrum. Or perhaps, we will no longer have the right to create new music, we will be forced, for the sake of ecology, to recycle the immense mass of production that the current era has generated. But hey… in real life it will surely sound like the music of the present, as always.

Click here to listen to the music of the future.

Track by Gaspar Claus

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