Purple Radio 2070

[June 24 2022]

Faux Real for Purple Future Radiooooo

In the year 2070, rising tides have swallowed mankind into the ocean, where dolphins reign supreme due to their superior intelligence and physical attributes. The inevitable forward march of algorithmic technology and the ever-shortening attention spans of  humans and animals, turn every song into a radio station of sorts, and vice versa. The invertebrate, inebriated, and inverted all coexist in arrhythmic synchronicity. Maximalist globalist anthems last 3.2 seconds on average, everything is in, trends are no longer time-bound but live in a collective cloud of in-formation, floating in collective consciousness as facts of life. Music has become inescapable, for better or worse, as it melts into the omnipresent noises and sounds of technology, transportation, and nature. Soon, white noise will be the only language. Until then, please enjoy the greatest hit of 2070.

Click here to listen to the music of the future.

Track by Faux Real

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