Purple Radio 2070

[June 9 2022]

Daniel Weil for Purple Future Radiooooo

Nationalism, the quest for productivity, religion. If these dogmas from the past century continue their evolution into the foreseeable future, the true movement that will rise will be raving. The rave is a space where people become a rhythmic vibration of music, and enter a collective meditation as time stops and their energies converge.

Those who believe that the ultimate sophistication is simplicity, that the purest form of beauty is kindness, and that the highest manifestation of intelligence is sensitivity, will agree that our evolution should be a reconnection to our inner child. The future I’d like to envision is one of humans embracing their inner child as they dance together. Present and harmless, in communion and without dogmas.

The Afterparty Idealist is a tribute to late-morning ravers: humans freed from nonsense and competition as they dance in a club, a desert, a forest. The Afterparty is a haven where innocence and spontaneity are valued above seriousness and rationalism. This to me sounds like a manifesto, echoing one of my favorite punchlines, “the only good system is a sound-system.”

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Track by Daniel Weil

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