Purple Diary

[June 4 2022]

Il Est Vilaine for Purple Future Radiooooo

Paris, 2070. After two terms under Eric Zemmour and a civil war, the youth lives under a violent dictatorship and injects doses of auto-tuned pop, directly into their hypophysis. The more the population sinks into crisis, the more the centralized AI spins out mass-produced narcotic sounds infused with psychotropic waves, driving people into chemsex and dulling any intent of rebellion.

In a climate of general chaos, the resistance is growing inside the tunnels of the deserted metro. Former band members from the beginning of the 21st century have come together to collect and rescue synthesizers such as Roland and Korg, and other relics of the analog world, that they bring back to life during nights of wild raves organized at immense risk. There in the train depot, this motley crew gathers to groove to a hybrid sound where rock, disco, and proto-electronics merge into rigorous metallic riffs, soaring gothic synths and layers tinted with a dead romanticism.

Click here to listen to the music of the future.

Track by Il Est Vilaine

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