Purple Radio 2070

[May 10 2022]

Emmanuelle for Purple Future Radiooooo

Telepathic  Waves

By 2070, we will surely have Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) that is functionally equivalent, or even superior, to the best human minds. Rudimentary telepathic sonic transmissions, similar to the first telephone connections of the early 19th century, will be amplified as we sort out the kinks in telepathy. More than simply communication, music is a universal language that is primordially capable of transmitting and transmuting emotional states. Telepathic transmission will be as easy as other forms of brain augmentation. Picking up thoughts and relaying them to another brain won’t be more difficult than storing them virtually on the net.

Synthetic telepathy is absolutely possible, as long as “communication” is understood to be electrical signals enhanced by AI instruments and plug-ins for the brain. Postcards and letters were used until the beginning of the internet era circa 1997; handshakes were the norm up until the year 2019. 2070 will be telepathic waves of electrical signals and crossed wires  and  mixed up thoughts in between.

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Track by Emmanuelle

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