Purple Travel

[June 22 2015]

A visit to the Taj Mahal, Agra

We arrived at 5.30am and were separated into two queues, one for women and one for men. As the gates finally opened at 6am we quickened our pace through the red sandstone arches to arrive to the utter stillness of the blue dawn over the infamous white walls of the Taj. Though pictures show the impressive nature of the mausoleum as a whole, what struck me was the quiet, the sense of space, the intricate detail into each element of its construction and the devotion of one man to build such a tomb for his queen. In the early hours where people are scarce, monkeys rule the roost here as they govern the balcony of the Taj overlooking the opposite side of the river bank where the black Taj was meant to stand- man and woman separated only by a river in death.

Text and photo Daisy Walker


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