Purple Travel

[June 15 2015]

A visit to the Red Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in Agra

Pushing through the heaving crowds of sellers, dust soaked dogs dart across the red walls leading us to the main gates. Thick, red sandstone walls on either side of a slow stone ramp leading inside the palace are oppressive and harken back to its role as part military base, part royal residence of The Mughal Empire. Inside there is utter quiet except for the occasional mutters of whole families squabbling or fighting to take a picture next with the closest foreigner. Seemingly unending steps, doorways, halls, courtyards and terraces all leading on fluidly one to the other in a maze with a solid stream of coloured sari’s leading to a long balcony overlooking the Yumana river and distant Taj Mahal.

Text and photo Daisy Walker


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