Purple Travel

[September 10 2016]

A visit to Europa Center, Berlin

Some people hate it, some people embrace it for what it is – the Europa Center, a historically preserved building complex built in 1965, belongs undeniably to the landscape of Berlin’s City-West. It is the place where I had my first cappuccino with my girlfriends at the Esprit store and it made me feel so grown up. The coffee store doesn’t exist anymore and so doesn’t the movie theatre which I frequently visited as a teen. Almost everyday I still pass by the center and most of the times it puts a smile on my face. Having spent recently a day inside of the mall, I questioned its name for the first time. The Europa Center is filled with restaurants of cuisines and places from all over the world: Japanese meets German food, and next to it a souvenir shop called Milan. Facing our current global circumstances one could even say it’s an ironic commentary of the confused times we’re going through.

Text and photo Ricarda Messner


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