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[February 17 2022]

A trip to Naples

PURPLE TEAM — What were your best and worst memories of the trip?

JULIA LAIRD — Best memory of my trip was going to the house of a friend of a friend for dinner, he is a local lecturer in gender studies in Naples. He made us a traditional Italian dinner and we drank wine with him and listened to all of his stories for the evening. Worst memory of my trip was probably cutting my knee on some rocks when the sea got choppy and I got thrown against the rocks.

PURPLE TEAM — What are your 3 Must-See sights?
JULIA LAIRD — Cimitero Delle Fontanelle, Monastero di Santa Chiara and any of the spots on the Amalfi Coast.

PURPLE TEAM — Any special restaurant, accommodation, or activity that you’d recommend?
JULIA LAIRD —Mimi Alla Ferrovia was my favourite restaurant – the food is superb. Great bars are Da Berisio, a really old school historic library turned into a bar to save it. Perditempo is a great bar to just meet friends. For accommodation, I really like Piazza Bellini, there are lots of little guest houses and the square is really fun with small restaurants and bars.


Photos by Julia Laird


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