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[June 5 2012] : art

Blackberry Painting By Miltos Manetas

Blackberry Painting By Miltos Manetas by Miltos Manetas

Greek artist Miltos Manetas shares with purple television one of his films from an on going series of ‘blackberry paintings’ the above film was created when Manetas started teaching Invisible Painting to the people of the native communities of the amazon river, during my trip there in 2011.’. Miltos explains the concept of as “There is a fundamental error in painting-in every school of painting- that has existed until today: we are always painting on a plane that’s different from the plane of reality. We either paint on a canvas or some other support that is positioned in parallel or in front of the world, we never paint over reality itself, we never “paint reality”.

“That was to change for me after I had a recent accident in 2010, when I went down 40 meters from the top of a rock on my back with a little tree, finally saving my life. After a month of immobility in the hospital, I returned to that same place where I had the accident and I rent a little house there. Waiting to recover completely, I had my colors and canvasses brought there but I couldn’t paint: regular painting just didn’t seamed a good idea anymore. Finally, one day that I took a brush and without any color on it, I started “painting” over the landscape. I felt that I was making an invisible painting.”A few days after my “discovery”, I keeping my Blackberry on my left head, I start filming whatever it was that I was painting. A Blackberry and a brush was now all that I needed for a studio. That’s how the BLACKBERRY PAINTINGS were born and from that moment, I decide to continue my life by painting it at the same time.”

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