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[April 8 2014] : art

The Alteration of Garments

The Alteration of Garments by Sanna Helena Berger

When Berlin based designer Martin Niklas Wieser asked visual artist Sanna Helena Berger to create a video incorporating his garments she produced the performance piece The Alteration of Garments. Shot at The International Picture House in Bermondsey, London, Berger invited her friends Masha, Olya and Riyo to examine, play and modify Martin’s clothing. “Martin was kind enough to give me completely free hands. I work within a larger project which i call ‘Examining the Garment’, within this concept I work with both video work and performance. So it felt natural to stay within this context. Setting aside the obvious experimentation of usage (as i disregard season and intended gender) the video may seem like an improvisation but is in fact a performance as I instruct the girls to re-design the form of martin’s clothing as well as explore their own physical presence in the garments that remain unchanged,” says Berger.

The video was shot at The International Picture House in Bermondsey, London.

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