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[February 11 2014] : art

Fashion Instruction with 4 Girls

Fashion Instruction with 4 Girls by Anna-Sophie Berger

Artist Anna-Sophie Berger presents Modeanweisung, an instructional text for a fictional person read aloud and recorded. The recording was used in various ways, played to a variable number of people that are asked to carry out the instructions. As the performers are being presented with the audio instructions for the first time when actually performing, the viewer is presented with a staged intimacy or a sort of insight in natural gestures and mimik. For this video, the instructions have been adapted to 4 outfits of my textile works. Here, the perfomance creates a space in which the garment-body realtionship can be brought to an audience. While at the same time displaying the aestetic and conceptual aspects of the group of 4, it allows for the psychologic study that modeanweisung was originally conscerned with. Read our interview with the artist in Purple Fashion magazine Issue 21 out now.

performance Modeanweisung

4 girls wearing skirts/tops/shoes from Fashion Is Fast

audio instruction, 2:46min,

Vienna 2013

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