Purple Art

[October 22 2014]

Hanna Nilsson and Sanna Helena Berger performance at Berger Gray, London

A principal division of a larger movement is an installation consisting of video and performance. The video is a close-up documentation of facial gestures, sometimes extreme, sometimes mundane, looped throughout the exhibition. The sound we hear is the sound of clapping. Now the gestures suddenly come together with a sharp noise. The second part of the installation consists of a live performance. The subject remains gestures but become a wider scope of body movements, we extend our capacity for action. The performers create a ripple effect as their movements stagger, the sequence keeps the beat of the rhythmical clap. As a result their gestures not only structure themselves but become part of a larger body of movement – the group. This is the first division of a larger body of work that Hanna Nilsson and Sanna Helena Berger create together in a series of installations. Future exhibitions take place both in the physical and virtual space. With continued focus on the subjects of body movements and gestures, the artists alter the structure of each installation. Added elements create interaction and participation. As divisions accumulate the scenes vary; the development of purpose made garments, printed matter and interactive technology. The progress of the larger movement becomes clear. Text and photo Sanna Helena Berger

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