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[February 20 2014] : fashion

Modeanweisung with Skirts performance by Anna-Sophie Berger

Modeanweisung with Skirts performance by Anna-Sophie Berger by Charles Brenton

In January 2014 artist Anna-Sophie Berger presented her first solo show at the JTT Gallery in New York. On display were four photographs derived from a group of garments from Berger’s latest textile works – pixelated digital information in contrast to specific material used in the production of clothing. Each of these garments are seen here in this video as part of a four person performance at the opening. The same images that are made into photographs are also reproduced onto silk scarfs of the exact same size. The difference between the two objects lies within their haptic reality, their ideal value in terms of fashion versus art, merchandise versus edition, handcrafted versus manufactured, static versus the mobile possibilities of site – a scarf and an image. Read our interview with Anna-Sophie in the latest issue of Purple Fashion magazine out now.

Performance by Anna-Sophie Berger with Madeline Hollander, Jane King, Ana Kras and Dena Yago

JTT Gallery, New York, NY

Clothing and instructions by Anna-Sophie Berger

Video by Charles Brenton

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