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[January 8 2014] : art

Oh, that’s also good

Oh, that’s also good by Sanna Helena Berger

“Oh, that’s also good” (London) was a collaborative exhibition of Anna-Sophie Berger and Sanna Helena Berger. The artists worked together with their collective research to adapt Ann-Sophie Berger’s performance work “modeanweisung,” an instructional text for a fictional model read aloud and recorded. Sanna Helena Berger captures the movements of the performer while being instructed live by Anna-Sophie Berger according to the practice of modeanweisung. The colour conversion dress the model wears, made by Anna-Sophie Berger, deals with the aspects of digital and analog relations. RGB and CMYK being the prototype colour channels used on screen versus print, the dress reflects the problematic process of translating one to the other. The dress allows for a colour conversion through movement. Sanna Helena Berger’s chosen medium equally reflects upon the difficulty of transferring colours through different media.The process of dividing the roles of the director as the framing force and the verbal instructor of the overall scene is a reflection on camera-subject relationship. All three parties are present in the video; the eye, the performer and the voice.

“Oh, that’s also good”

Mini Dv Video Loop, 9:30min

Colour Conversion dress

A video work by Sanna Helena Berger

Verbal instructions and dress by Anna-Sophie Berger

As part of the collaborative exhibition “Oh, that’s also good”

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