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[December 9 2011] : fashion

Shesh Besh

Shesh Besh by threeASFOUR

threeASFOUR uses Shesh Besh as a matchmaker to unite the Jewish and Arab cultures – as one. Shesh Besh is an ancient board game, an all time favorite in the middle east. This film is part of the project-collection inSALAAM/inSHALOM which had its debut in New York in September and now on tour in the middle east, currently at Beit Hai’r museum in Tel Aviv.


Francesca Tedeschi

Maria Masha Durruthy

Conceived & produced by : threeASFOUR

Executive Producer : Haya Maraka

Directed by : Maja Bergstrom

Animation & Editing : SID

Director of Photography: Richard and Eric Spang

Production Management : Mickey Heffernan, Mike Anderson at Neighborhood Watch Films

Music & Sound Design : Evnita Kapoor Karlsson/Njama Music

Musicians: Martin Holm, Gustaf Sörnmo, Ninos Wrada

Styling : Guillume Boulez

Hair : Pasquale Ferrante

Makeup : Andrea Helgadottir

Make up assistant : I’sak Freyr Heligason

Special thanks: Jessica Mitrani , Mayada Abueideh , Louise Leconte , Tamara Weber , Sienna Shelds , Jhon Sanchez and Dune Studios

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