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[September 11 2014] : fashion

Calla F/W 2014/15

Calla F/W 2014/15 by Irimi Color Club

Qui est Memphis Lily? Fictional K-Pop Country Star Memphis Lily makes her first appearance on French television to perform her new single. The performance is a post-modern homage to the Porter Wagoner Show, the American Country Music Variety Show that made Dolly Parton a household name in the 1960s.

Directors: Irimi Color Club

Choreography: I Could Never Be A Dancer

Producer: Adrien Blanchat Line

Producers: Julien Joud & Julien Greco

Stylist: Guillaume Boulez

Make-Up: Karin Westerlund

Hair: Mark Daniel Bailey

Set Design and Props: Robert Normand & Irimi Color Club

Music: Adrien Blanchat

Vocals: Marie Ballarini

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