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[May 2 2012] : music

Blood Orange’s Champagne coast by Haley Wollens

Blood Orange’s Champagne coast by Haley Wollens by Haley Wollens

This video was directed by Haley Wollens for Texas born singer Devonte Hynes AKA Blood Orange’s new single Champagne Coast released on Dominio Records. Wollens describes the coming together of the idea behind the video ‘ The concept for the video came to me when I was listening to “Champagne Coast” alone in my bedroom, dancing by myself in the mirror. I have always been infatuated with the movement of a woman’s body while dancing. The confidence exuded during this action is so captivating, I find that nothing is sexier. No make-up, outfit, nor genetic physical appearance can outweigh the mesmerizing power of a female when she moves. At its heart, this music video is about just that.’

The first time Dev and I met in person, I pitched him the video. The idea was simple: girls dancing with themselves in bedrooms and other interiors. Dev was in and the journey began. The casting was, of course, essential. All of the subjects are friends of mine; contributors to the creative New York scene that Dev and I both inhabit. Each girl possesses vivid personality. They are all some of the best dancers I know. They represent my idea of what it means to be an “it” girl. Full Credits. Directed by: Haley Wollens Produced by: Maya Rose & Jude Mc DP & Editor: Jude Mc Animation: Andreas ‘Nout’ Schmidt Camera Assistant: Taran Allen Styling & Art Direction: Haley Wollens Hair: Lauren Palmer Smith Make-up: John Guanlao Stylist’s Assistant: Brandon Owens Starring (in order of appearance): Phiona St-Cyr Devonte Hynes Vanessa S Williams Analisa Teachworth Marie Karlberg Greer Simpkins Kalena Yiaueki Karley Sciortino *Special Thanks to Mickey Heffernan + DUNE studio, photographer Kat Geran, designers Eckhaus Latta, Brianna Capozzi, Sarah Aphrodite, and Foot Traffic

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