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[January 29 2015] : music

PSYCHOEGYPTIAN feat The Savage / DocX

PSYCHOEGYPTIAN feat The Savage / DocX by Michael Intile

PsychoEgyptian AKA Devin Kyle Cuthbertson is a NYC native. A visual artist and musician, his sound is a raw disassemble of hip hop, punk and hardcore. PsychoEgyptian’s refusal to be confined to any particular style and his embrace of different modes of expression reflects his background as an artist growing up in Brooklyn. His attitude of bending rules and remaining versatile is not just part of an artistic outlook but one that is a key necessity in surviving in a city like New York. For his latest track “DocX” PsychoEgyptian teams up with music video director Michael Intile from PHI video who creates a perfect visualization for an intensely emotive and complex track. “DocX” features PsychoEgyptian’s newest collaborator The Savage.

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