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[October 2 2013] : music

Try Sexual / Lauren Devine

Try Sexual / Lauren Devine by Anthony Valdez

Full time muse, part time popstar and close friend of multi-media artist Ryan Trecartin, Lauren Devine has just released her latest single Try Sexual. The title is a play on bisexual and Devine explains “The video and song are both an homage to Amber’s 1999 hit “Sexual” but we wanted to update the message and the visual to the theme of “Try Sexual”, which is basically someone who is about the why-not-life and dives straight into any situation primarily for adventure and curiosity. I hope it becomes an anthem for situation addicts such as myself.” Produced by Burqa and ft. Adaron and Nightfeelings, Try Sexual is out now on itunes.

Directed and Edited – Anthony Valdez

Director of Photography – Alex Gvojic

1st Assistant – Sam Reiss

Colorist – Hans Purwa

Produced – Capture This NYC

Special thanks to Felix Burrichter

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