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[January 20 2014] : music

Everyday Robots / Damon Albarn

Everyday Robots / Damon Albarn by Aitor Thoup

“Everyday Robots” is the first solo album from British singer/songwriter Damon Albarn. The Blur singer has revealed its April 28th release and collaborations with Brian Eno and Bat For Lashes. The album lead title track “Everyday Robots” is accompanied by a video; a digital portrait of Albarn directed by the globally acclaimed artist and designer Aitor Throup. Throup uses CGI software showing actual cranial scans and facial reconstruction techniques to explore and reveal the process of building a uniquely personal portrait of an artist and individual. Throup commented, “I spent a lot of time with Damon in the studio, and I really wanted to capture his intentions and messages while proposing a unique way to convey them visually. There are specific lyrics that strike me, and particularly his analysis of how we are at times like robots, everyday on our phones ‘looking like standing stones’. I was really interested in the idea of how the challenge of living with technology has turned us into repeats of the same. It’s a sort of individual statement on the loss of individuality through technology, done in a way that at the same time not only embraces it, but is dependent on it.”

Available to pre-order now: http://smarturl.it/itERalbum

Video concept and direction by Aitor Throup

Editor – Giorgio Gremigni (The Butchers)


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