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[October 11 2011] : art

Sibling Topics (Section A)

Sibling Topics (Section A) by Ryan Trecartin

Like Alex Bag in the 1990s, Ryan Trecartin’s films use familiar characters and references to poke fun at the dire state of the economy and culture. The high speed and chaotic images are inspired by the Internet generation and popularity of YouTube viral videos. The characters wear dramatic clothing and heavy makeup to enhance the impact of their words for viewers. Trecartin recently presented his first New York solo museum exhibition at MoMA’s PS1 in Long Island City.



Mass Major: Ashland Mines

CC: David Toro

Baby JAson: Lee Kyle

Able: Lizzie Fitch

Carryon Ova: Kristina Vecsesi

Henry: Holcombe Waller

Auto Ceader: Ryan Trecartin

Porn Foreign Peopled: M Blash

Hey:Sayer: Carlee Smith

Flow Stopper: Jamie Lee Christiana

Auto Baby: Lee Kyle

Eeph Tend: Eddie Pineda

Owen: Chad Tolson

Timmy: Charley Sharp

Call IT: Colin Self

I>O>ME (IDT): Kathleen Brennan

P,T, (IDT): Caitlin Macbride

Pre-Installed Crusty Bonus Track: Party Steve Kraus

Synthea: Mary Ann Heagerty

Kip (rentaman): Charles Dube

Able in SneakAPeak: Lizzie Fitch

Identity Tourist: Sergio Pastor

Balance Sisters (4): Ceader, Britt, Adobe, Deno:

Ryan Trecartin

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