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[October 25 2013] : art

Paola Pivi: The Bears Within

Paola Pivi: The Bears Within by Ivan Olita

Italian artist Paola Pivi just recently inaugurated the new Galerie Perrotin madison Avenue space with her whimsical in its presentation as well as its title “Ok, you are better than me, so what?” exhibition. Full of bold life-sized parrot feathered polar bears and a playful money machine, her audacious installations are disorienting and simultaneously poetic. “Paola Pivi is at work on a form of transgenic Dadaism. Anything can happen in Paola Pivi’s universe: even the most cumbersome objects can be turned topsy-turvy – lorries tripped on their sides, airplanes and helicopters belly-up,” says curator and contemporary art critic Massimiliano Gioni. Equally playful is L’Officiel Italia’s Editor-at-Large and filmaker Ivan Olita. Together they met at Perrotin’s New York space in the midst of her curent show, on view until October 26th. In “Paola Pivi: The Bears Within,” Pivi finds herself being asked profound questions by her vivid fluorescent polar bears voiced by Olita hilself. We transcend in her obscure universe.

Shot with Tony Farfalla

Edited by Ivan Olita

Bear Voices by Ivan Olita

Creative Consultancy Admixtion LLC

Special Thanks to Natacha Polaert, Heloise Le Carvennec, and Galerie Perrotin

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