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[July 1 2014] : fashion

Lucy Folk Presents Appeteaser

Lucy Folk Presents Appeteaser by Sophie Edelstein

Jewellery designer Lucy Folk has collaborated with Sophie Edelstein to present her latest collection with a film that is in its essence “Guy Bourdin teenagers who have accidentally ended up in a Robert Palmer video.”Hailing from Australia and growing up a foodie, her designs have always had an influence of the edible, however this season she stepped it up a gear, focusing on the world of the “Appeteaser” a collection all about the gratification of giving into digestable, guilty pleasures. Lucy explains the film was really a fantasy “Lobster, pearls, champagne, caviar and sexy girls all caught on camera made for a pretty incredible day. My jaw was on the floor for most of the shoot as the girls did their thing and my great friends Sophie directed them into all sorts of blush provoking scenarios. There was not an eye in the room that was not focused on Z pulling pearls out of her mouth without flinching. It was a riot of frivolous fun, so naughty but so great. It was a dream to work with friends and collaborate on such a sultry project and bring Appeteaser to life.” The film stars Margot Stilley, Z-Berg (and those pearls), Rebecca Dayan and Camille Piazza, with set design by Lizzie Nanut.

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