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[October 11 2013] : fashion

ASVOFF Winner: Holi Holy – A Manish Arora Film

ASVOFF Winner: Holi Holy – A Manish Arora Film by Bharat Sikka

Purple TV exclusively presents winners of the ASVOFF 2013 competition. Our first film is winner of the ASVOFF 6 Gran Prix, Best Sound, and Best Emerging Talent awards, the stunning Holi Holy – A Manish Arora Film by Bharat Sikka starring musician and contemporary artist Bishi. The film celebrates widows from Varanasi, the holiest of the seven sacred cities in Hinduism and Jainism, who broke centuries of tradition and played Holi Holy for the first time in 2013, all captured on film, covered in Holi color and Manish Arora’s vivid clothes.

Bharat Sikka grew up in India and worked there as a photographer before studying at the Parsons School of Design, NYC, where he earned a BFA in Photography. Establishing a fine art approach to the field of photography, Bharat documents contemporary visions of India.

Director: Bharat Sikka

Concept: Manish Arora

Country of Origin: India

Duration: 5’00”

Designer: Manish Arora

Music: Vinayak Manohar

Cast: Bishi Bhattacharya

Director of Photography: Tassaduq Hussain

Artistic Director: Manish Arora and Bharat Sikka

Stylist: Manish Arora

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