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[October 11 2013] : fashion

ASVOFF Winner: Zillions

ASVOFF Winner: Zillions by Malcolm Venville

Winner of best documentary Purple TV and ASVOFF presents Zillions. Navigating the alpine VIP frenzy, filmmaker Malcolm Venville journeyed to St. Moritz to interview fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld at the opening of his new exhibition. But Venville came straight up against the unrealistic expectations of Lagerfeld’s media and creative schedule. Hence he delivered just one potent question, appealing to Lagerfeld’s savoir-faire.

Director: Malcolm Venville

Production Company: Nowness, Black Label

Country Of Origin: Uk

Duration: 3’00”

Sound Engineers: Joe Mount, Aaron Reynolds

Voice Actors: Sarah Jayne Butler, Tim Plester

Photography: Oz Thakkar, Max Silver

Editor: Suzy Davis

Producer: Oz Thakkar, Dougal Meese, Rebecca Guinness

Titles: Marco Bevilaqua

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