Purple Diary

[January 8 2016]

Watch La Montagne sacrée (The Holy Mountain) in the presence of director Alejandro Jodorowsky this Sunday at 4:30pm at Forum des Images, Paris

Buy your tickets now to watch the cult 1973 film La Montagne sacrée (The Holy Mountain), in the presence of director Alejandro Jodorowsky, for the C’est Magique program at Forum des Images in Paris. Talking to Olivier Zahm about symbols in issue 12, Jodorowsky recalls “I had a teacher, Oscar Ichazo, who was part of a movement called Arica. When I was in Mexico doing The Holy Mountain, we paid $17,000 for him to come for one night. I wanted him to enlighten me, to tell me the word, and he gave me LSD. He sat me in a meditation position in front of a luminous circle on a terrace. It was a spinning Coca-Cola logo. As it spun, it became a line, then a circle, and then the Coca-Cola logo, which I stared at for six hours. It was the Coca-Cola circle, a ring of light in the city, on top of a roof. And that’s when I had a flash of inspiration, a tremendous mental change.” Read our full interview with Alejandro Jodorowsky from issue 12 here.

Tickets to Sunday’s screening of The Holy Mountain can be bought here.

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