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[October 11 2013] : fashion

ASVOFF Winner: She Said, She Said

ASVOFF Winner: She Said, She Said by Stuart Blumberg

Purple TV exclusively presents winners of the ASVOFF 2013 competition. Winner of Best Acting, She Said, She Said is about a lesbian couple, starring Marisa Tomei and Elodie Bouchez, on the brink of divorce attempts to divide their possessions through mediation.

Director: Stuart Blumberg

Production Company: Co Films

Country Of Origin: Usa

Duration: 6’58”

Brand: Co

Music: Joseph Trapanese

Cast: Marisa Tomei, Elodie Bouchez, David Wain & Aubrey Plaza

Director Of Photography: Christopher Windsor Johnson

Artistic Director: Justin Kern

Stylist: Stephanie Danan

Hair: Paul Rizzo

Makeup: Liza Zaretsky

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