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[October 11 2013] : art

ASVOFF Winner: WE & Claes Iversen

ASVOFF Winner: WE & Claes Iversen by Lernert & Sander

When Vogue and Dutch fashion label WE asked Lernert & Sander to conceive and shoot a teaser for WE’s exclusive collaboration with designer Claes Iversen, the duo created a deceptively simple yet highly conceptual film, starring the eyes, hands and lips of Iversen himself. Focusing on the very first moment of creating a collection – the threading of a needle – they take the term “teaser” literally, leaving the viewer eager to see what Iversen’s thread will weave.

Directors: Lernert & Sander

Production Company: Wrong.Tv

Country Of Origin: Belgium And The Netherlands

Duration: 1′ 26″

Brand: Claes Iverson For We

Music: Diederik Idenburg

Cast: Claes Iversen

Director Of Photography: Ram Van Meel

Artistic Director: Lernert & Sander

Stylist: Lernert & Sander

Hair: Stefan Ralbovsky

Make Up: Stefan Ralbovsky

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