Purple Magazine
— The 30YRS Issue #38 F/W 2022

purple new york (part 6)

purple new york

Purple would not have been possible without New York. The city was a magnet: the center of contemporary art and the heart of underground culture, as well as queer theory and gender studies in the wake of the AIDS crisis.

We would often fly to New York, making calls from phone booths to meet new contributors and to visit artists’ studios and galleries. We immersed ourselves in the city’s creative energy and nightlife. Everything was fast, easy, and so addictive that we almost moved Purple there, eventually opening an office on Union Square in 2005. The city and its energy gave us the ambition to take the magazine to the next level — adding our voice to the long-standing dialogue between Paris and New York.


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The 30YRS Issue #38 F/W 2022

Table of contents

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