Purple Magazine
— The 30YRS Issue #38 F/W 2022

juergen teller (part 16)

juergen teller

2001 purple #7 comme des garçons and lutz huelle with kate moss and anita pallenberg photo by juergen teller 2020 purple #34 the love issue dovile drizyte and juergen teller wearing balenciaga

The legendary German photographer Juergen Teller has contributed to Purple since the mid-90s, with multiple portraits, fashion stories, books, and special projects. His radical style has been an integral part of the magazine’s aesthetic, bridging everyday reality with high glamour and provocative political commentary.

After three decades, he continues to surprise us with unpredictable ideas that push the boundaries of fashion photography. He is the photographer that no one can copy, a reference for younger generations, and a true master.

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The 30YRS Issue #38 F/W 2022

Table of contents

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