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— The 30YRS Issue #38 F/W 2022

purple philosophy (part 28)


Purple is one of the only fashion magazines to feature philosophy. First, because philosophy is a creative field in itself: it creates not objects but concepts. Second, because these concepts are not abstractions: they are powerful tools that help us navigate the world and see through confusion.

More than ever, philosophy is a true form of resistance. Alain Badiou, one of the most important French philosophers, expressed it radically: “What does contemporary society want? First, that we buy the products of the market if we can, and second, that if we can’t, we keep quiet. For these two things, you must have no idea of justice. This is indispensable. No idea of another possible future! No free thoughts! The conclusion is that, in our world, since only what has a price counts, we must not have any thought, any idea. Only then, if we have no thoughts, no ideas, are we ready to obey a society that tells us: Consume if you can afford it, and if you can’t, shut up and disappear.”


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The 30YRS Issue #38 F/W 2022

Table of contents

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