Purple Magazine
— F/W 2007 issue 8

Maryon Park

photography by GIASCO BERTOLI


In Michelangelo Antonioni’s classic, Blowup, the photographer Thomas lurched through this idyllic ominous landscape, as if in a dream, and his pictures of the journey revealed something sinister lurking beneath the surface.

Now Giasco Bertoli takes us back to Maryon Park, where the very air seems to guard, sphinxlike, secrets of a decidedly disturbing nature…

It was spooky back in 66, and it’s spooky now. But then, a return to the scene of the crime always is. Especially when the crime is murder. Look: There’s the fence, now in tatters… Those steps, leading to where? There’s the tennis court, scene of the mimed match with an invisible ball. And eeriest of all, the open, foreboding fields, curtained with those menacing gnarled trees. Is it bluebirds you hear singing? Or Yardbirds?


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F/W 2007 issue 8

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