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— F/W 2007 issue 8

purple BEST of the SEASON

photography by TERRY RICHARDSON


This Best of The Season is a portrait of Karen O, the Jersey girl riding high on the success of art-punk’s Yeah Yeah Yeahs. She’s even being compared to Iggy Pop and Patti Smith. The fearlessness of her performances and the catchiness of her music have earned Yeah Yeah Yeahs the loyalty of fans and the respect of critics. Terry has always wanted to photograph Karen O, just the way this radical fashion natural truly is, in clothes that could have come from her own dressing room.

But she’s not a slave to fashion, like some of those other young rockers – it’s a slave to her. She’s a musician, not a model. Her nonchalance about these clothes only serves to enhance their elegance, and hers. In the end, thanks to Terry’s empathy, she beats a lot of models at their own game, proving once again that attitude trumps affectation.


Seth Goldfarb and Alex Bolotow, photographer’s assistants — Charlotte Collet, Theo Allen and Lizzy McChesney, stylist’s asistants — Francelle, make-up — Dennis Lanni @ BUMBLE AND BUMBLE, hair

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F/W 2007 issue 8

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