Purple Travel

[October 18 2009]

Tenth Street Russsian Baths in the East Village

My dear friend Stephan Crasneanscki (from Soundwalk) invited me to the old Russian baths on 10th Street. It’s a very unique and democratic place, mixing men and women, totaly off the fashion map. An historical place where you can still get platzes. A platz is a brush made of oak leaves in the steam room. You must constantly pour ice cold water on your face and body to endure the high temperatures. The baths also have dry saunas but most of the clients prefer the wet steam fowlowed by a plunge in the icy cold pool. The 10th Street Russian Baths is the last of its kind in New York: a real and intense but therapeutic, revitilizing experience, contrary to the business of a “spa” today. It’s the best way to find a new energy after parties. Photo and text Olivier Zahm


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