Purple Radio 2070

[June 28 2022]

Niv Ast for Purple Future Radiooooo

The idea behind this song is our habit of running away from ourselves and from our fears, a habit that goes way back in history and that will continue to tag along with us forever. This is why the song is called ‘Eternal Habits.’ It came out with a happy and optimistic feeling to it, which I love because it gives a sense of understanding our nature and getting closer to it. The repetitive lyrics also give it a funny vibe. In a way, we will forever continue to run away from dealing with our fears and struggles. This is our nature and to love it is the key to changing it.

And we run away,
Run away run away
Every day every day

Say you’ll run away
Run away run away
Anyway anyway

Click here to listen to the music of the future.

Track by Niv Ast featuring Magi Hikri

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