Purple Radio 2070

[April 23 2022]

Quasi Qui for purple future radiooooo

Reading the energy of the future, Quasi Qui observes that music creation by the year 2070 will transform drastically as humanity goes through evolutionary shifts. Timelines are already splitting like fractals, and will continue to do so, creating ways of  perceiving music that we cannot comprehend right now. By 2070, music will be created through the collaboration of humans and Artificial Intelligence. Although we are not fans of the direction that artificial intelligence is currently taking, we believe that over the next decades technology could allow us to connect to higher aspects of ourselves. We will be able to receive musical ideas in the aether that we couldn’t otherwise receive in our natural state. It is impossible and irrelevant to foresee the musical genres that will arise,  and our answer relates to how music will be made.

Click here to listen to the music of the future.

Music by Quasi Qui

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