Purple Travel

[March 23 2015]

A trip to Iceland

The first thing we remember about our trip to Iceland was the quiver of the luggage tag once confronted with the icy breeze. We went to visit our friend Einar who we found listening to some Dune. After pools and drinks in Reykjavik we headed out northwards to meet nature. Towards Blönduós, Iceland showed us its incredible force for the first time: our car almost blown off the road, only able to see 5 meters beyond and with no humans in sight. Leaving the hostile and at the same time stunningly beautiful northern fjords behind us, we got to Akureyri where a brewer invited us to watch the Handball World Championship with him. Going further east, Mývatn with its encompassing steam and rotten-egg-smell gave proof of the tremendous power from underneath. At the east fjords, reindeer-hunting Snorri and his family warmly invited us to stay with them. After rough and dark days in the north we were happy to join their cozy life in Reydharfjordhur with home-cooked meals and movies at night. Southbound from there, Iceland showed its gentle side and the sun came out for the first time in days. The route back to Reykjavik provided us with ice blocks on a black beach, dried ýsa and lessons about the hidden people.

Photo Jakob Wiechmann and Jakob Müller-Meernach


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