Purple Travel

[August 17 2015]

A road trip from Los Angeles to New Mexico

When we decided to go on this little escapade, Nastasia and I were only certain of the destination: White Sands, New Mexico. The rest was left for fate to decide. As we drew distance from Los Angeles on the I-10 East, wind mills soon replaced the array of palm trees, desert lands took over the visual clutter and the spiraling highways gave birth to a straight line that stretches as far as eyes can. Guided by the fascination of the unknown and the desire to document it, we let ourselves get lured into the raw vacancy of the scenery. The overwhelming surrounding beauty paired with the utter readiness to soak it in made reality present itself with clarity and immediacy. All eagerness of temporary desire, all effort in vapid thoughts and all care for banal things were replaced by an invigorating sense of freedom.

Text Nadir and photo Nastasia Dusapin and Nadir


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