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[October 30 2013] : love

Vilebrequin Journeys

Vilebrequin Journeys by Fabien Cousteau

In celebration of their collaboration established in 2011, Plant a Fish, Fabien Cousteau and Vilebrequin present a short film directed by cinematographer Anastas Michos. Explorer Fabien Cousteau created Plant a Fish, a non profit organization dedicated to supporting endangered ocean ecosystems around the world through education, advocacy and activism. Fabien inherited passion for sea life and expedition from his legendary grandfather Jacques Cousteau, a pioneer of deep sea discovery who revolutionized our modern understanding of our oceans. Thanks to Vilebrequin support since 2011, Plant a Fish has saved over 500,000 baby turtles in El Salvador. The organization helped pass laws preventing the mistreatment of sea turtles and the poaching of their eggs, a once common practice that had previously threatened the lives of many future generations of sea turtles. Capturing the birth of baby sea turtles and their individual journey to the sea, the film presents a prismatic collage of shore and sea creature, filmed entirely on location, on El Salvador’s beaches, within a community that protects and revels in the ocean and the life it supports. An homage to the grace of Mother Nature and human adventure, the film presents the beach as a hyperreal microcosm and offers a deeply textured display of the virtuosity of individuals reaching for a state of transcendence.

Created by Fabien Cousteau

Cinematography: Anastas Michos

Creative Direction: Dominic Sidhu

Communication director: Pauline Varoquaux

Executive Producer: Alexandre-Camille Removille

Editing and Post Production: Marlo Nespeca for Spot Welders

Assistants: DJ Carrol, Michael Didyoung, Craig Edsinger, Raul Benitez

Color: Company 3

Score: Whitey

Sound Design : Sebastien Perrin

Thanks to: Ellen Lavery, Joanne Ferraro, Tom Marquardt, Enriqueta Ramirez (Vivazul /Plant A Fish), Michael Visconti, Alberto Jalil, Adriana Del Cid (Vivazul /Plant A Fish)

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