Purple Diary

[February 20 2015]

Support Alejandro Jodorowsky’s new film “Endless Poetry” by donating on Kickstarter

Avant-garde film director and artist Alejandro Jodorowsky wants to bring back the poetic power of film. The 86-year-old Chilean director is funding his upcoming film Endless Poetry (Poesía Sin Fin) through Kickstarter. Based on his autobiography, Endless Poetry is set in Jodorowsky’s youth in Santiago de Chile, the artistic epicenter of Chile in the 1940s. “I was 24 years old… it was a fantastic moment. The war was all over the planet, and in Chile: no war. Because we are far and separate of the world: no television, mountains, ocean, peace! It was so peaceful. It was beautiful. And then a miracle happened: Poetry came to the country.” Leaving a lasting impression on his life an creative output such as the cult films El Topo and The Holy Mountain, Jodorowsky is out to share the paradise of his youth with the rest of the world. Supporters of the Kickstarter campaign have the chance to receive Poetic Money bills and become executive producers.

Visit the Kickstarter here and read our interview with Alejandro Jodorowsky from issue 12 here.

Photo Olivier Zahm

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