Purple Night

[June 2 2015]

The United Nations And Parley For The Oceans Collaboration Launch at the UN Headquarters, New York

Parley for the Oceans is a network organization of creators, thinkers and leaders founded by Cyrill Gutsch to raise awareness on the fragile state of the most important eco system in our planet, the oceans. On June 29, a Parley Talk under the title of “Oceans. Climate. Life.” took place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York followed by a cocktail to celebrate the collaboration between Parley of the Oceans and the United Nations, convened by the President of the General Assembly H.E Sam K. Kutesa. The speakers of the night included Pharrell Williams, Fabien Cousteau, Julian Schnabel, Sylvia Earle and other leading environmentalists, scientists and artists. The collaborators of the Parley movement presented their visions, inventions and initiatives to preserve the oceans and to face the fact that the planet has entered the 6th mass extinction which brings the humankind in danger.

Photo courtesy by Getty Images


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