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[November 25 2012] : art

Seems So Long Ago, Nancy by Tatiana Macedo

This is a preview of an film by London based visual artist Tatiana Macedo and was shot at the Tate Britain and the Tate Modern galleries in London over the 3 months, the film moves its single view focus from the gallery assistants to the architectual spaces the occupy whilst at work.

Macedo explains her work in a conversation with AS at the Tate Britian as “First we draw a circle, then there is this kind of rupture, a simple move, line of flight, these things aren’t happening in a sequence, they’re constantly happening all at the same time, but this paradox is how do you draw a circle around something, and why is it necessary to draw a circle? You can play with these lines, of course then to what point it dissolves? To try to illustrate it I may try to dissolve the walls, that’s why sound is so important, because it escapes, it doesn’t have respect for boundaries. How do you work with subjectivities, or reform them, or rethink subjectivity? How do you rethink power, how does power manifest?” How is the body a microcosm of the institution?”

The full film is on view at 4 Windmill Street, London until December 15.

The film features John Mcquillan, Elizabeth Shuck, David Moore, Rose Cleary, Per Nielsen, Luna Bladon, Derek Jordon, Matthew Whitaker, Simon Taylor, Candy Lai, Robert Raynard and Yasin

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